Why Dark Star Radio Exists

You know, I never realized people would want to know the answer to this question. I had thought they all could read my mind or just know by looking at me (Jessika Darkstar, The Rogue DJ – C.E.O. of Dark Star Radio) and they would know why I made this station. It really blows my mind that no one asked me directly and they are still wondering why I left them in the dark for these past 5 years I have been running this Radio Station. I’m sorry for never sharing with you the details. But today, I took my First Class in Marie Forleo’s B-School and I found what I was missing.

I felt like she smacked me with intelligence that I should have realized, but until now, I never knew you would care why I am doing what I am doing. So here it is folks. The answers you have been seeking and contemplating on these past 5 years.

  1. Help Musicians be heard – I want to give new and up coming musicians an audience. I want to be the one to help musicians get through that hell of a gate and into stardom. I also feel music has influenced my life so much and has gotten me to where I am today, that I would like to help musicians who have a meaningful message to be shared. [Non Label musicians, Independent Labels and get free air play and RADIO ID]
  2. Help Small Businesses gain customers – I want to help smaller businesses with a higher purpose to gain customers. I sell commercial air time, ads and other products to help smaller businesses obtain this.
  3. Support Got Your Six Support Dogs and Simply Destinee and other non profits I feel need to be heard. Have a non profit? Please contact me and pitch me your non profit. [non profit organizations get free commercial air time and ads].

But Why Got Your Six Support Dogs? But Why Simply Destinee? I know these questions must be burning in your mind. I am (Jessika Darkstar, The Rogue DJ, C.E.O. of Dark Star Radio) am a U.S. Army Veteran with PTSD and I have known four people in my life that have committed suicide and I am a survivor of a suicide attempt myself.

I support Got Your Six Support Dogs because I know what’s it’s like to have PTSD and having problems you can’t solve on your own and Support Dogs are known to work where medication and therapy has not. I have my own support dog who keeps me calm, wakes me when I have nightmares and cares for me when I feel like the world does not care about me.

I support Simply Destinee because they are a Youth Dance Team that supports suicide awareness. I find their cause is more than enough to give them support. I cry every time I think about my step brother and step sister. I cry when I think about the the two other soldiers I knew who committed suicide. It hurts even to this day, knowing i couldn’t help them. But this dance team is trying to prevent that feeling consuming other parents, siblings and children. I want to be part of that kind of message!

Now that you know the why, what other questions do you have? Please email me your questions to jessikadarkstar@gmail.com and I will try to answer them as I see them.

Thanks for Reading!

~ Jessika Darkstar, The Rogue DJ C.E.O.of Dark Star Radio