Seeking Guests for Aimless Banter

Seeking Guests for my Talk Show! Every Tuesday & Thursday 6pm to 8pm CST (CHICAGO), All that is required is to be on SKYPE.

***No need to come here in person, unless you live near me. (I’m close to Fox Lake, Illinois). My Talk Show airs live on and I also record the show and post it to Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Spreaker. Spreaker only holds 2 episodes at a time.

Are you an Author? Youtube Influencer? Instagram? Store Owner? Fellow Radio Personality? Cosplayer? Actor? Whatever… what’s your hobby? What’s your interest? What’s your creative outlook? We will AIMLESSLY BANTER for a FULL 2 Hours and you can shamelessly plug whatever you want during this time.

2 Guests per show, all talking at once, but taking turns. Hahah. We go off each other and have fun having a real discussion.

Interested please Message me and add me on SKYPE. Please give me a few good dates so I can schedule you in.

Thanks Everyone!

Contact me here or email me

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