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Support Dark Star Radio! Purchase from Jessika Darkstar’s Fiverr!

I have joined Fiverr in hopes it helps me earn money and more experience for my resume and portfolio! All proceeds help keep me afloat. So Please order something. Want a Voice Over? Sweeper? Audio commercial? You want to dictate what I say! Purchase my Voice Talent! >>>FIVER FEMALE VOICE TALENT<<<CLICK ...

Jessika Darkstar’s on Patreon! Become a Patron and Help Dark Star Radio!

Hello Everyone, I wanted to shout out to all the fans of Dark Star Radio! If you would like to support us in a small way you can become a Patron to me. 1st Tier is 1 dollar a month. It’s not all that much but if I can get ...

Fan-Film Makers Beware!

So I just got finished watching the most epic Fan-Made Movie ever. Of Course it’s a film about Vader. But get this….Disney said “That no matter how rendition Imperial March its still within our rights to monetize on your film because you used a rendition of our music”. Here’s the ...

Jessika Darkstar’s Incidental Madness!

Random Days, Random Times. Random Genres!  I Jessika Darkstar, The Rogue DJ will take over darkstarradio,com to bring you the music that soothes the soul. And today….or Last Night depending on your Time Zone I went a Little Crazy to the point I forgot where I was…. LOL Here take ...

Like and Follow Dark Star Radio’s Social Media Today!

Hey fans, Dark Star Radio needs you to follow us all over Social Media! I know you love us! 10,000 visitors a day. So besides listening to us and enjoying our music. PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW US! Share our Social Media with your friends. Invited them to our profile and ...

Jessika Darkstar is on MUSICOIN!

Love to hear me talk? Well, here is the place you can listen to my voice all the time and help me earn some revenue. All you have to do is listen!!! Jessika Darkstar is on Musicoin! <<<Link to my profile! Are you a musician? A Podcaster? Want a place to ...

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