THE:[ROGUE]:DJ (((C.E.O.)))

Half Irish, Half Polish, Full Bloody American White Trash [Greater Chicago Land Area]

Jessika Darkstar has been DJing in RL since 2007, she made her first Second Life (SL) account in 2008, and started out as an RL Band Promoter, getting the word their music exists in SL. Then in 2013, she started to actually DJ in SL because she was finally released from U.S. Army and she had extra time on my hands. She doesn’t quite recall where she ended up Djing back then, but she launched Dark Star Radio 12/5/2014 and went from 1-10 to 850,000 listening into her shenanigans live on Dark Star Radio. After Launching her radio, she had decided to be classically trained in TV & Radio Broadcasting in 2018 and became a true Master of Ceremonies to improve her skills as professional. Now…In 2020 she started a New Thing when she DJs, she TELLS STORIES prompted by the SONG TITLES. Every Song Title moves the Story along and her Fans can contribute to the story by making a song request.





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