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Jessica Bowman aka Jessika Darkstar; The Rogue DJ started her career in broadcasting as the radio station founder/director of darkstarradio.com in December 2014. She started as an amature online broadcaster in October 2013. Most of her education is based on things other than broadcasting such as Military skills (enlisted 2005-2013), Federal Law, International Law, Psychology, Communications, and Creative Writing.

At this time, Jessica is starting a new talk show on Evolution Pop called “Unveiling the Obscurities” and it’s a show about the Goth subculture: Music, Art, Fashion, literature, film and the goth icons all goth admire. The show air time is scheduled for Tuesdays @ 2pm CST and you can follow the show’s on its FB page.



Phone 331-425-4469

Email jessikadarkstar@gmail.com

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